Equipped – Students are equipped with the necessary habits, tools, and disciplines to grow into a fully devoted follower of Christ.

  • Students are equipped through the partnership of CSM leaders and parents. CSM will equip students through small groups, Sunday School, 1-on-1 discipleship, and corporate services.
  • CSM will provide necessary support to families for in home discipleship, home worship, and any other necessary tools to equip their student.
  • Our goal is for CSM students to be disciples who make disciples.

Establish – Students are establish in biblical community within the student ministry, our church, and among other believers. Established biblical community will achieve fellowship, encouragement, and support.

  • The primary avenue by which established biblical community happens is our small group ministry and Sunday school. These smaller groups provide students an avenue to be known, a safe place to be verbal, to own their faith, and a accountability group.
  • CSM believes biblical community allows students the opportunity to reach a depth in their faith that is simply not possible by “show up events.”
  • CSM small groups allow students in grow closer with each other which affects the closeness and effectiveness of our whole ministry.

Engage – Students are engaged in taking the gospel to the lost locally, nationally, and internationally.

  • Teach students through our small groups to understand the necessity of sharing the gospel.
  • Yearly mission trip as part of the “6×6” focus. Each mission trip is preceded by “6×6 Seminars” that focus on gospel witnessing and understanding importance of missions.
  • Evangelism is a key component in our 1-on-1 and small group discipleship relationships
  • Students in small groups and discipleship relationships will be issued challenge cards every fall semester. This challenge card is intended for the student to pray for a friend whom they will share the gospel with that school year.